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15 Weeks, 10 Week regular season, 5 Week chase

(top 16 drivers and points reset  4 drivers eliminated every 2 races until the final race where points reset and remaining 8 drivers battle.)

(top 5 drivers not in the chase to attend all chase races will have a chance to get free entry into the series next season.)

Iracing fixed set-ups


60%  Fuel

Tire limits

1 Drop race

No Team Points


43 Points - 1st

42 Points - 2nd

41 Points - 3rd

40 Points - 4th


1 Point - Pole 

1 Point - First Place 

1 Point - Finish with zero incidents 

1 Point - Lead the most laps 




1.  Drivers must have a good internet connection.


2.  Drivers must have a working mic and join the discord channel.

     (Change nickname to your iracing name and driver number ie: #30 Justin Gann)


3.  Drivers must be present for pre race drivers meeting.

     (Must notify admin if your unable to attend either meeting).


4.  All drivers must have a steering wheel and pedals.


5.  All drivers must be accepted into Swift Motorsports league iracing portal prior to the start of the season.

6.  All drivers must have contrasting numbers on the doors and top of the car or truck. 




1.  It is not required that all drivers need to qualify.

2.  An EOL will not be given to any driver unless an admin deems necessary.

3.  Drivers will have 5 minutes to qualify after 5 minutes is up the track will be closed.





1.  Drivers will NOT question admins under any circumstance. If a driver has an issue with and admin or admin call the driver shall                  request a private discussion AT THE END OF THE RACE with the admins. A 30 point penalty will be given if violated.


2.  Drivers will not call out another driver for ANY reason this includes private messaging. A violation of this rule will result in the drivers       mic being muted for the remainder of the race and a 15 point penalty.


3.  Asking to speak with another driver after the race without the admins being involved is not considered calling out a driver if both              drivers agree to a private conversation. If you would like to talk to another driver about an issue that could not be handled alone then        it is advised both drivers come to the admins for a meeting to resolve the issue.


4.  Profanity will not be tolerated over race communication or discord lobby and WILL result in a 5 point penalty (admin must be present).


5.  Intentional wrecking, intentional contact and or retaliation of another driver could result up to a 30 point penalty and possible removal       from the league.





1.  Race leader controls all starts and restarts once all four of the pace car tires have left the racing surface. (If the leader does not go            after the green drops 2nd place is allowed to go.)


2.  Leader has lane choice on restarts but must call out the desired lane with 1 lap to green.


3.  Brake checking or checking up on starts or restarts will result in a black flag drive through penalty.


4.  Drivers will have professional starts and restarts this means no more than a car length between you and the driver in front of you.


5.  No lane changing allowed during starts and restarts prior to the start finish line, and no 3 wide until the backstretch / pit exit blue              cone. A black flag drive through penalty or EOL will be given to the driver who commits this offense.


6.  All cautions, black flags, and lucky dogs will be issued through iracing. No black flags will be cleared only exception, in the event that      you have to go down pit road to avoid an accident and after review by race control admins they will have the ability to clear black flags      if they deem necessary. 


7.  Drivers who are deemed at fault for bring out a caution will be penalized using a 3 tier system.

     (Official replay is any admin replay and is what Swift Motorsports uses to issue all penalties)


     First offense      – EOL

     Second offense – Black flag drive through and lose 5 points.

     Third offense     – DQ and will be asked to park your car for the remainder of the race and lose 15 points.


8.  If 2 drivers make contact and are both at fault it will be deemed a race incident. If a caution is brought out due to net code it will also          be deemed a race incident.


9.  Blocking is acceptable with 10 laps remaining in the the race. If a caution is brought out the driver blocking may receive the penalty. If      a driver feels another driver is blocking prior to 10 laps to go the driver may ask an admin to “please review my last 2 laps”. If the              admins agree blocking was occurring they may ask the driver to give way, if the offending driver does not listen to the admin request        they will receive a drive through penalty under green.

     Swift Motorsports definition of blocking - All drivers are allowed one defensive move to defend their position after that move a second                                                                             move would be considered blocking.

10. At the conclusion of all races all drivers will park their cars in their pit stall to avoid any further incidents after the checkered flag has        waived. Only the winner is allowed on the track to do his winning celebration burnouts.

11. 5 pit box rule occupied or not when coming to your pit stall a total of 5 pit stalls can be used (ie. 2 in your stall and 2 out). This will            result in a green flag drive through driver has 3 laps of being issued the penalty to serve it if a caution comes out prior to the driver          being able to serve the penalty they will be issued an EOL.

12. In order to receive the 1 point bonus for a 0X the driver must complete 80% of the race.

13. If a paid driver has not participated in 4 consecutive races they will be removed from the league unless they contact the                              administration regarding an issue.